CARIBBEAN RIDE SHARING: The Plan of One App Many Services.

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

The Caribbean Ride Sharing company. More than just a Ride Sharing service.

We believe that it is safe to say that mostly everyone owns a smart phone and or tablet and we use these devices for communicating, advertising, shopping and paying for goods and services on a daily basis.

Online transactions and sales are increasing at a high rate on a monthly basis. This is one of the main reasons that RIDE Caribbean a Caribbean Ride Sharing company has taken the initiative to create and offer Caribbean customers a mobile app which offers four essential services via a mobile on demand offering.

  • Various Carpool and Ride Share Services

  • Food, Grocery, Retail Purchase and Delivery

  • Mobile Payment Wallet Services

One mobile application offering four services at a push of a button. Riders will be able to request a ride to or from their location at reasonable rates. Options of ordering Food from a select outlet and menu or a list of Grocery items is also available.

Drivers will have the option of making additional income via the service by accepting requests for rides from riders or requests for delivery of Food or Grocery items.

All payment transactions will be processed on Blockchain in app via the rider or drivers credit, debit card or cash re-charge to their account. All payments will be managed via the Mobile Payment Wallet which is free to all registered users.

Much needed services in the Caribbean at this time, specially where Mobile Digital Payments are concerned. The age of the Cryptocurrency is here and the Caribbean needs the get ready for the use of the new currency being used for Trading, Investing and exchange of monies.

The plan of RIDE Caribbean will put the Caribbean in the right direction to take advantage of the changing trends towards on demand services.

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