Caribbean Ride Sharing Company seeking Investors.

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

RIDE Caribbean is seeking Funding

"It is time that the Caribbean has it's own official Ride Sharing company to connect Riders to Drivers. But not just a regular ride sharing company; but one that also offers other services and can be differentiated from others." - Greggar Deterville, Founder of RIDE Caribbean

The Caribbean consists of 28 islands with a total population of 42,491,000 people. The Caribbean also welcomes millions of travelers from Asia, USA, Canada and Europe who travel here on vacation or for business. Most are familiar with the use of today's technology and have made it part of their day to day use.

RIDE Caribbean is looking to take advantage of this by providing the Caribbean with a Transport Network Company which connects riders to drivers via a mobile application. The RIDE Caribbean mobile app is an on demand Carpooling service where riders are picked up and dropped off along the drivers route with each rider paying their own fare.

RIDE Caribbean also offers options of Private Ride Sharing, Luxury Ride Sharing, Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery and Mobile Payment Wallet services. We will offer the convenience of a door to door on demand service to Riders and the option of an additional income to existing Taxi and Private Drivers.

The RIDE Caribbean service will enhance existing transport services, alleviate traffic congestion and create new micro transport businesses. The company will provide services to Hotels, Airlines, Cruise Ships, Caribbean Nationals and Visitors. Regular privately owned vehicles will provide our standard services and will include options of SUV’s, Cars, Pickups, Wheel-Chair Cabs and 8 seat Mini Vans.

RIDE Caribbean will offer its own fleet of vehicles for providing its luxury services. The RIDE Caribbean fleet will offer free Wi-Fi, 24/7 air-condition, mobile device charging ports, music and 110v power outlets.

Investors can contact RIDE Caribbean at

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RIDE Caribbean is a registered company in England and Wales No.11863292 and in Saint Lucia No. 2019/B363.

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