RIDE Caribbean Founder Exposes the Truth about the Rumors

"False allegations!.. that's all it is really"

"An attempt to discredit and give false information"

"Late night nights, frustration and many delays"

Founder of the Caribbean Ride Sharing company RIDE Caribbean Mr. Greggar Deterville has come out with gloves on in an attempt to dispel any notion that he and his company RIDE Caribbean are on a mission to take potential Investors, Riders and Drivers for a Ride (pun intended).

In the past few weeks there has been rumors and allegations making the rounds from certain streets and corners that the founder and his company soon to be officially launched in Saint Lucia is providing false information via its unique and catchy pre launch promotions and that although the promotions are working and gaining the company great interest and following through-out the Caribbean and also Internationally; it can't work.

" These rumors are just false allegations that's all it is really. Some persons attempt to discredit and give false information about me and my company RIDE Caribbean as we glaringly gain more and more interest from investors and potential users. I mean why would I take on two years of research, engagement, late nights, delays and frustration to create something with such potential and not actually do it! it makes no sense to me." - Greggar Deterville

So what exactly is RIDE Caribbean?

RIDE Caribbean is a Transportation Network Company based in Saint Lucia.

A Multi-Service Ride Sharing company on Blockchain Technology connecting Riders to Drivers via a Mobile Application offering Riders the comfort and convenience of a door to door on demand services.

RIDE Caribbean will offer existing Private, Taxi and Public Bus Drivers the opportunity to make additional income. The company will offer Ride Sharing for up to 6 riders, Private Ride Sharing for 1-2 Riders, Smart Bus Services for 1-14 riders, On Demand Taxi for 1-3 riders and Luxury Ride Sharing with perks for 1-3 Riders.

RIDE Caribbean will also offer other Merchant Services such as Food, Grocery, Retail Purchase and Delivery, Courier Services and Mobile Payment Wallet Services with options of Cryptocurrency payments all from one Mobile App. We will maintain our own fleet of vehicles equipped with Wi-Fi, Charging Ports, 110v outlets, HD Security Cameras and Refrigerator to provide its Luxury and Smart Rental Services.

RIDE Caribbean will also offer Booked Luxury Airport, Hotel and Cruise Ship Transfers, Luxury Island Tours, Day Chauffeur and Mobile Parties. RIDE Caribbean will provide services to Hotels, Airlines, Cruise Ships, Locals and Visitors. Whether it is a 15 minute or 8 hour service there will be no more waiting in queue, high rates or long contracts to sign.

The RIDE Caribbean goal is to provide a 24 hour reliable, safe and convenient on demand Smart Transportation and Digital Wallet service on the Blockchain. The idea is to create a sustainable eco-system that never existed before by providing a business that enhances existing services and changes the way Merchants and Consumers interact.

“The rural market represents 25% of the ridesharing use cases that have yet to be fulfilled, and conceiving new ways to serve these markets more effectively can be helped along by the benefits of blockchain tech.”

“The aim of blockchain is in part to remove intermediaries and bring the rider and driver closer together logistically and economically. Such a driver and rider-centric vision may cater to rural populations where steady, full-time employment is often difficult to come by. Adding an unprecedented level of data security, driver vetting, and altering ridesharing for the age of autonomous vehicles also represents the potential that the blockchain offers for the future of ridesharing. Source: Disruptor Daily: https://goo.gl/Cc7Zpv

So with all this information, the tremendous feedback from potential investors and users the question must be asked.

  • Are all these rumors and allegations true? Answer: No

  • Who are the ones spreading these rumors? Answer: No One

  • Is this article just Click Bait to highlight and promote RIDE Caribbean? Answer: Yes

  • Where can we get more information? Answer: http://ridecaribbean.com

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